UNSEAM Digital Design Method

- supported by Creative Industries Fund NL -

digital production using ‘Seamlessly Shaping Textile’ technology (animation)

Our latest research project “UNSEAM the digital design method” has just been awarded by the Creative Industries Fund NL! Within the next year we develop the digital design method for our digital, on-demand seamlessly shaping textile technology. Researching what it means to design directly in 3D while containing the aesthetics. Classical pattern thinking does not work for digital manufacturing techniques. We create a digital design method for the designer to work with. Developing a new interaction between the designer, the producer and the machine. We closely collaborate with our partners TU/Delft, HvA and RWTH Aachen University. Together with our partners and industry experts we organise hackathons and several workshops researching the future of design in relation to digital manufacturing.

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concept for digital design approach

digital production using ‘Seamlessly Shaping Textile’ technology (animation)

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