UNSEAM Digital Design Method

Despite the ‘covid-limitations’ our latest Research & Development project UNSEAM – Digital Design Method” has been progressing well over the last couple of months!

We have been working on a digital design method for our digital, on-demand seamlessly shaping textile technology. Researching what it means to design directly in 3D while containing the aesthetics. Classical pattern thinking does not work for digital manufacturing techniques.

The aim? To explore the possibilities to create a digital design method for the designer to work with. Developing a new interaction between the designer, the producer and the machine.

In order to achieve this goal, we made some good progress in the last year with our partners TU Delft (Crossing Parallels Programme) and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). With materials produced by Enschede Textielstad and Lohmann, students were able to experiment and to match the digital side with the physical world. 

Hackathon - together with Crossing Parallels (11 & 18 November 2020)

More about Crossing Parallels programme: click here

Video by Tanja Busking

Minor Advanced Prototyping TU Delft (nov-jan 2020-'21)

Based on the results of the Hackathon and the expert input, a highly motivated students team worked for 2 months on the challenge to develop a ‘digital design tool’ that would help designers generate the desired 3D shape using the UNSEAM self shaping textiles. The end-result is a Grasshopper based script, fabric parameters and a prototype garment to proof their work. Their work was presented during an on-line event in January 2021 by the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

This was a great accomplishment by students Tristan Lievestro, Isabella Maljers, Florian Schimmel and Claudia Sweerts.

“The Advanced Prototyping Minor is a program that brings together the most recent digital fabrication techniques and emerging materials, to create functional high-fidelity prototypes. The course aims at equipping students with a wide range of advanced prototyping skills like digitalization, design automation and digital fabrication and in depth knowledge of using emerging materials to create prototypes, which capture both function and appearance of the intended design.”

final prototype made by parametric design based on bespoke size data

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